According to The European Quality Standard BS EN-15038:2006 :  A person other than the translator reviews the translation. The standard defines review as “examining a translation for its suitability for the agreed purpose, and respect for the conventions of the domain to which it belongs and recommending corrective measures”.

In addition to translation, I also proposed proofreading and editing. These practices are still unclear for some translators or even some agencies that combine the two in order to avoid explaining them. I give you a brief definition of each of these two practices and invite you to visit the European Quality Standard for Translation Service Providers.


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This is a process whereby the text is being scanned for grammar, syntax and spelling errors. 



Editing involves checking to make sure that correct terminology was used. This is achieved by researching each term that raises a doubt, or even terms that are unknown to the editor, just to make sure that the right terms were used. This typically involves research accompanied by recommended corrections. In either case, the editor only recommends changes and does not implement them. This is because, when there are errors, it is usually up to the original translator to correct their own mistakes (many translators have a clause in their contract for this, as well as agencies).