A translator has the ability to deal with any theme you will submit him, but he develops certain areas of competence according to his education, his experiences and passions or tastes.

Since I am a Freelance translator (October 2010), I have acquired extensive knowledges, especially in the following Fields:

This list is not exhaustive, my services can go from the more "simple" to the more technical documents, don’t hesitates to contact me.

 Due to confidentiality agreements, clients and projects can not be named on the website, please enquire for more information.


Translation from English, Spanish and Italian to French








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Translator from English, Spanish and Italian to French, I can make « pragmatic » and literary translations.

Send me your document and you’ll get a free quote as soon as posible!

Me contacter

NBR Translation

Naima Bautista Rim

Tel: (+33) 06 79 08 88 12

Mail: mail@nbr-translation.com


Technique: Robotics, Architecture, Construction, Automobile, Engineering, Plastic, Hydraulic, Electricity, Carpentry, Industrial Machinery, etc. 

General Fields and communication: Patents, Marketing, Advertising and Tourist Brochures, Tourism, Prêt-à-porter, Fashion, Cosmetics. 

Medical: Booklets.

Informatique: Multimedia Equipment, Softwares, Website. 

Law ans Human Resources: Contracts, Labour Law, Internal Communications, Management.

Sport: Sport magazines, articles and website for a great Spanish football club, etc.

Diverse: Cooking Recipes, Art Websites, Art documents, Education, Psychology, 2 books Astrology books, Humanitarian, Environment, Epistolary Correspondence.