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«Over the time, the translators have invented alphabets, they helped to build languages and to shape national literatures. They also have participated in the dissemination of knowledges and the propagation of religion, they have imported and exported cultural values, written dictionaries…

The translators and the interpreters have always played an important role in the evolution of society and intellectual life. »

My name is Naima Bautista Rim, and I am a French translator from English, Spanish and Italian.

I am graduate in Foreign Languages Applied to Economy and Law in specialized translation (English/Italian) from the university La Sorbonne-Nouvelle in Paris, I am also graduate in Human Resources, my skills are as varied as my knowledges.

My pasion for terminology and lexicology ensures the quality of my picky work.

I also have a long experience abroad ( in Mexico) in different fields (like tourism, education, translation...) which made me biligual in spanish and also permits me to practice the translation into that language.

Even if I have some specialty Fields, I am able to deal with any theme that you will submit to me with great professionalism.

I also offer other services in proofreading and editing for any document written in French, and the transcription of all your documents in French, Spanish, Italian and English.

As a professional translator, I chose to support voluntarily some causes that are important to me, that’s why I got involved with several associations, one of them is dear to my heart, Artistes en Action, an NGO specialized in health, nutrition and education development programs of children and families.

Speciality fields

A translator has the ability to deal with any theme you will submit him, but he develops certain areas of competence according to his education, his experiences and passions or tastes.

Since I am a Freelance translator (October 2010), I have acquired extensive knowledges, especially in the following Fields:

Technique : Robotics, Architecture, Construction, Automobile, Engineering, Plastic, Hydraulic, Electricity, Carpentry, Industrial Machinery, etc.

General Fields and communication : Patents, Marketing, Advertising and Tourist Brochures, Tourism, Prêt-à-porter, Fashion, Cosmetics.

Medical : Booklets.

Informatique : Multimedia Equipment, Softwares, Website.

Law ans Human Resources : Contracts, Labour Law, Internal Communications, Management.

Sports: Sport magazines, articles and website for a great Spanish football club, etc.

Diverse : Cooking Recipes, Art Websites, Art documents, Education, Psychology, 2 books Astrology books, Humanitarian, Environment, Epistolary Correspondence.

This list is not exhaustive, my services can go from the more "simple" to the more technical documents, don’t hesitates to contact me.

Due to confidentiality agreements, clients and projects can not be named on the website, please enquire for more information.


In addition to translation, I also proposed proofreading and editing. These practices are still unclear for some translators or even some agencies that combine the two in order to avoid explaining them. I give you a brief definition of each of these two practices and invite you to visit the European Quality Standard for Translation Service Providers.


This is a process whereby the text is being scanned for grammar, syntax and spelling errors.


Editing involves checking to make sure that correct terminology was used. This is achieved by researching each term that raises a doubt, or even terms that are unknown to the editor, just to make sure that the right terms were used. This typically involves research accompanied by recommended corrections. In either case, the editor only recommends changes and does not implement them. This is because, when there are errors, it is usually up to the original translator to correct their own mistakes (many translators have a clause in their contract for this, as well as agencies).

According to The European Quality Standard BS EN-15038:2006 : A person other than the translator reviews the translation. The standard defines review as “examining a translation for its suitability for the agreed purpose, and respect for the conventions of the domain to which it belongs and recommending corrective measures”.


So that I can give you a personal and free estimate, it is necessary that you send as much information as possible to me at the following address mail@nbr-translation.com.

Indeed, my rates are established according to the nature of the order (number of words, subject, format, and deadline).

The best would be to send me the document to translate. Otherwise tell me :

● the number of words,

● the deadline,

● the nature of the document.

After a written acceptance, I will proceed to the translation process that takes place in four parts (research terminology, writing, editing and proofreading).

At the end of the translation I’ll give you a bill.

The information you provide will remain confidential.

Send me your documents and you’ll get a free quote as soon as posible! mail@nbr-translation.com


I translate from English, Italian and Spanish into French (my mother tongue).

Even if I have a very good knowledge of my working languages I only translate in my mother tongue like any serious professional translator.

The proofreading and the editing services that I propose are only in French (my maternal language).

Some people will ask why a Professional Translator.

Many people who speak a little bit of a language, think that with a free machine translation tool, they’ll be able to make translation like a professional translator, which is a popular belief.

Translation is an acquired skill and due to the inherent complexity of language, even the most modern systems cannot produce a satisfactory translation without the experiment of a human translator.

I work with pack Office 2016, I can therefore work on Word, PowerPoint, Excel, pdf, jpg, gif and other file format... I have CAT (Computer-Assisted Translation) software such as SDL Trados 2017 but I don’t use it so much. For my terminology searches I use my glossaries, my dictionaries and some Websites.

With regard to the translation of novels or another type of literary texts, I am open to any new proposition even if the literary translation is somewhat different of the “pragmatic” (technical) translation, I have already translated two books (éditions Elcy).

I am also member of the l’Association des Traducteurs Littéraires de France (ATLF).



Translator from English, Spanish and Italian to French, I can make « pragmatic » and literary translations.

Send me your document and you’ll get a free quote as soon as posible!

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